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FMDH Foundation

The FMDH Foundation is an independent, non-profit charitable organization that was incorporated in 1982. It is governed by a dedicated board of directors while its day-to-day administration is managed by the Foundation Director. The Foundation is an integral part of the Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital and the community, helping to provide the latest technology, medical equipment, and training for FMDH, better medical equipment for community organizations, and scholarships to Valley County graduates studying in a medical field. At some point, all of us will come into contact with an item the FMDH Foundation was able to purchase because of the wonderful support of our donors. We have given over $2.5 million to Valley County in medical needs.

The Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital (FMDH) Foundation is separate from the Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital, but it is an integral part of FMDH, as quality health care links the Foundation with the Hospital, and ultimately, the community. The Mission of the Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital Foundation is to provide financial support to Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital and other medically needed projects in Valley County, ensuring that the medical services provided are of the highest quality. The FMDH Foundation is a vigorous component of today’s medical community in Northeast Montana.

A peek back in history.

If you're looking for the easiest way to donate, download our physical donation form!

How the FMDH Foundation Helps the Community

Since 1986, FMDH have awarded more than $300,000 in college scholarships. Thanks to our donors’ unwavering support, these scholarships continue to help those who could not otherwise afford to pursue their dream of earning a medical degree.

In 2023, the Foundation gifted:
  • $13,170 to Northeast Montana STAT Air for 3 Toughbook Laptops
  • $4,495 to Milk River Inc. Activity Center for Security Cameras
  • $1,2523 to Lucky Clover 4-H for First Aid Kits
  • $3,225 to Milk River Inc. Warren Group Home Security Cameras
  • $613 to Fort Peck Fine Art Council for 4 First Aid Kits
  • $12,406 to FMDH Cardiopulmonary Rehab for 4 Telemetry Devices
  • $6,595 to FMDH Radiology for a Pigg-O-Stat Machine
  • $5,631.30 to FMDH Cardiopulmonary Rehab for a Scifit Bike with Bariatric Seat
  • $4,934.14 to FMDH Infusion Clinic for an Infusion Chair
  • $6,000 to FMDH Laboratory for an ESR Machine
  • $11,677 to FMDH Surgery for Transport Gurneys
  • $30,000 for medical scholarships to local students
Our 2023 scholarship recipients were:


  • Chloe Koessl – Donald J. Baker Scholarship
  • Jesi Kennedy – Audrey & Gerald Feda Scholarship


  • Anika Peters - Frank Heckner Scholarship
  • Benjamin Phillips - Anna Berge Scholarship
  • JoLynn Capdeville - Richard Winderl Scholarship
  • Melissa Leckie - Deborah Guenther Nursing Scholarship
  • Tori Kaufman - Vera Terry and Sever & Ester Enkerud Nursing Scholarships
  • Trevor Toavs - Richard Winderl Scholarship


  • Ellie Page - Theo & Alyce Beck Scholarship
  • Khloe Krumwiede - Theo & Alyce Beck Scholarship


  • Brett Chatten - Helen Tihista Marks Nursing Scholarship
  • Cash Salsbury - Frank Heckner Scholarship
  • Cordelia Nickels - Sever & Ester Enderud Scholarship
  • Kaylee Ross - Anna Berge Scholarship
  • Kenna Anderson - Helen Tihista Marks Nursing Scholarship
  • Klaire Krumwiede - Vera Terry Nursing Scholarship
  • Macy Rose - Deborah Guenther Nursing Scholarship
  • Tarin Vandall - Audrey & Gerald Feda Scholarship
  • Tiana Johnson - Audrey & Gerald Feda Scholarship
  • Wilson Overby - Donald J. Baker Scholarship

Our annual Tree of Life raised more than $12,000. Through the Markle's Ambulance Trust, we were able to donate $4,000, split between our 4 ambulance services in Glasgow, Opheim, Hinsdale & Lustre. Thank you all for supporting the Foundation and its mission to provide financial support to FMDH and other medically needed projects in Valley County, ensuring that the medical services provided are of the highest quality.

Apply for Funds

If you're an organization that provides medical care in Valley County, you're eligible to apply for needed funding. Please follow the steps in the application below to see if you're able to present your request to the Foundation's Board of Directors.

Foundation Funding Application

FMDH Foundation FAQ

Who benefits from gifts to the FMDH Foundation?

Your generosity benefits your community – family, friends, and neighbors – in various ways. Equipment gifted by the FMDH Foundation enhances patient care in all areas of the hospital as well as other community organizations.

All of this equipment, purchased with FMDH Foundation funds, benefit people of all ages in many different ways:

  • Surgeons can see more clearly under new surgery lights
  • New mammography equipment detects breast cancer in its earliest stages
  • The pulse oximeter shows blood oxygen levels without drawing blood with a needle
  • The fetal heart monitor tracks a baby’s heartbeat through labor and delivery

How can I honor and remember friends and loved ones?

Many gifts to the FMDH Foundation are designated as a remembrance, such as memorial gifts to remember a friend or loved one who has passed away. For special events, many give honorary gifts to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion.

The FMDH Foundation acknowledges donations in two steps:

  1. A card is sent to the honoree or the family of the deceased telling them about the gift (the gift amount is not disclosed).
  2. The donor(s) receive a thank you letter and receipt.

How do I become a member of the FMDH Foundation?

Each person who makes a contribution is automatically a member. Donations are cumulative, and once the sum of $1,000 has been given, a donor becomes a voting member.

Honorable donors are recognized on the FMDH Foundation’s Corral of Compassion. The wall depicts a pioneer town with a Wagon Train Wall of Honor. The Corral of Compassion lists the names of donors whose contributions total a minimum of $5,000. The corral joins the pioneer wagons ambling down the hall, naming donors who have contributed a minimum of $10,000. Donors who have given $25,000 have a street named in their honor and donors of $50,000 are honored with their own building. The Corral of Compassion can be seen in the Glasgow Clinic hallway.

How are FMDH Foundation funds managed?

Representatives from across Valley County serve on the FMDH Foundation’s 9-member Board of Directors. This Board sets the FMDH Foundation’s goals and are responsible for investing the Endowment of the Foundation to achieve maximum of growth. The Board also works with organizations requesting support and decides the disbursement of gifts. Board members may serve two, three year terms.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact the FMDH Foundation Office at (406) 228-3556 or any Board Member.

How are donations used?

All donations are deposited into an Endowment Fund, unless specified otherwise, where they earn interest and dividends. The Endowment account is never spent, which guarantees that these funds will be available for future generations. As the Endowment builds, the yield of interest and dividends increase, which is deposited to the Gift Account. Funds in the Gift Account support administration costs of the FMDH Foundation and gifting opportunities for FMDH and the Valley County community.

Are gifts to the Foundation tax deductible?

Yes! Contributions to the FMDH Foundation are tax deductible because the foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Foundation staff will ensure that you receive proper receipts to use with your tax records as well as a year-end statement.

Please contact the FMDH Foundation Coordinator by email at or by calling (406) 228-3556 with any questions.
Donations can be sent to FMDH Foundation, 621 3rd Street South, Glasgow, MT 59230.