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Cardiac Rehab

Personalized Programs Utilizing Cutting-Edge Treatment & Diagnosis Technology

The cardiac rehabilitation team designs a program to meet each patient’s needs. Prior to starting the program, the rehab team will review your medical history, current medications, and perform a physical exam. Our team will aid you in bettering your mental, physical, and cardiac health by helping you set and achieve goals during your time with us.

During cardiac rehab, patients learn to exercise safely and increase physical activity. The length of time spent in cardiac rehab depends on the patients’ condition and proximity to Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital.

Cardiac rehabilitation is proven to be a safe and effective way to help those with heart conditions:

  • Improve their health and quality of life
  • Decrease the chance of going back to a hospital or emergency room for a heart problem
  • Reduce the need for medicines
  • Prevent future heart problems
  • Live a longer life
  • Have a better quality of life by allowing a patient to be more active

There are two programs or phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation offered at FMDH.

  • Phase II patients are monitored by a telemetry heart monitor during each session.

    In order to be eligible for Phase II, patients must have had any of the following:
    • A heart attack in the last 12 months
    • Coronary artery bypass surgery
    • Current stable angina pectoris
    • A heart valve repair or replacement
    • A coronary angioplasty or coronary stent
    • A heart or heart-lung transplant
    • Stable chronic heart failure
    • Symptomatic peripheral artery disease
  • Medicare and most insurance plans cover all or part of cardiac rehabilitation that include up to 36 sessions.
  • Phase III is a self-pay program in which patients exercise with supervision and guidance of staff to maintain optimal heart health.
  • Financial assistance is available both Phase II and Phase III.

To set up an appointment or more information call 228-3445 or e-mail

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