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Here’s Why You Need a Yearly Checkup

Here’s Why You Need a Yearly Checkup

Live a Healthier Life With Annual Checkups

Adult checkups are just as important as pediatric checkups, but many adults avoid scheduling a yearly appointment. This is often because they think that because they feel healthy, they do not need one. However, yearly checkups allow physicians to keep track of a patient’s health and identify any underlying or potential problems a patient may be experiencing, even if everything seems fine on the surface.

Regular doctor's visits are an essential part of your overall health and wellness journey, and the Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital team encourages all individuals to consider the risks associated with avoiding annual medical examinations. Read on to learn more about annual checkups and why they are necessary.

What Happens At Your Checkup

During an annual checkup, your doctor will likely begin by checking your weight, blood pressure, and heart rate. Comparing these numbers to the average numbers of healthy individuals in your age range will allow the doctor to get an overall understanding of your health. Then, they may suggest lifestyle changes or treatment options in order to get you back into a healthier target range.

After speaking with you about your health, your doctor may also order tests to determine the causes of any out of the ordinary symptoms, or tests recommended for those of a certain age or family medical history. These tests could include a blood test or a mammogram and can help identify any potential health problems you may be at risk for. For example, high blood pressure can be a sign of heart disease and could put you at a higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke. If caught early, many health problems can be treated before they become more serious.

Another reason to schedule an annual checkup is to stay up to date on your vaccinations. Adults need booster shots for certain vaccinations, like the flu. They may also need new vaccines, such as the shingles vaccine or the HPV vaccine. Vaccinations can help prevent you from getting sick and spreading disease to others, so it is important to stay up to date on the vaccinations recommended for adults.

Why You Should Never Skip a Checkup

There are many reasons why you should never skip a year when it comes to scheduling an annual checkup. First, as mentioned before, yearly checkups allow your doctor to keep track of your overall health. The ability to identify health issues in the early stages will provide you with more time to seek treatment, heal, and begin feeling better. And, if there are no health issues present, you will be glad to have peace of mind as you head into another year of life.

Checkups are a great time for you to ask any questions you might have about your health. If you're looking to lose weight, your doctor can help you form a plan for lifestyle adjustments to help reach your goal. If you're experiencing pain in your joints, your doctor can refer you to a qualified specialist. Or, if you are experiencing mental health issues, your doctor can determine the next right steps in your healing process. Whatever you may be looking to achieve health-wise, an experienced physician will be there to help you.

Schedule Your Checkup Today

Staying healthy is a responsibility that each individual should take seriously so they can continue to enjoy time with loved ones! If you have not seen your doctor yet this year, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with our team as soon as possible. Take control of your health and find relief and peace of mind today.